Hello my sweet treat lover! I’m so happy you are here. My name is Danielle and I am a fellow sweet treat lover.  I swear my sweet tooth drives many of my daily thoughts.

About me: the author, blogger and recipe developer behind I Only Came for the Cake

A little about me

I have a passion for living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Because with every kale salad, there should be a piece of cake. ?

I grew up in Iowa and live in Wisconsin with my husband and dog Winston. As a summer baby, summertime is by far my favorite season. Cocktails on my family’s boat, sunshine and their company is my happy place.

When it’s too cold to lay outside {Wisconsin winters anyone??} my second happy place is the kitchen and gym. They’re equal in my eyes. My days usually start out gettin’ my sweat on with either a run or high intensity workout class {this coming from the girl who hated exercise in high school…my gym teacher can attest to that}. Then followed up by cooking and baking my little heart away in the kitchen.

Music is a must in the kitchen and gym, and can range anywhere from old school Earth, Wind and Fire to my Calm Day Spotify playlist {check it out here} to a little TSwift…yes, I’m a TSwift fan.

The day usually ends with some cuddles on the couch and a little piece of cake {healthy or indulgent}.

Why ‘I Only Came for the Cake’

I have a passion for baking. Which is probably evident by this blog. But as life and taste buds change, so did my baking. I wanted to start making sweet treats in a healthier way. To inspire others with tasty treats that were actually good for them.

There’s a lot of trial and error that goes into making baked goods that are made with avocado instead of butter. Or pure maple syrup instead of white sugar. But with trial and error comes success. The ‘eye-roll-to-the-back-of-the-head’ look I get from friends, family and co-workers who try my creations is really my favorite part.

Who knew that starting a blog would become a passion of mine, but this project has turned into something I truly enjoy, and I hop you enjoy too!

What about you?!

I LOVE hearing from all of you on what healthy treats you tried out. Whether it’s through Facebook, or a photo of a recipe you tried out on Instagram, or an e-mail to danielle{at}ionlycameforthecake{dot}com. I love connecting with all of you! Do you have a favorite recipe you would like to see turned healthy? Send it my way!