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How to Combat Negative Body Image

Negative body image: something I think we’ve all dealt with at some point in our lives.  But where does this negative body image come from, and how exactly do we get rid of it? The self-love movement is strong right now, but it can still feel out of reach to fully love ourselves.  That’s because …

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How to Journal for Anxiety and Stress

How to journal: 5 key steps to help you release stress and anxiety from your life through a journal. Release negative thoughts through journaling prompts. We’ve all felt it at some point. That feeling of anxiety or stress. Where thoughts just swirl around in our brains, and that internal voice just doesn’t want to quit. …

Learn how to truly love yourself. Five steps to show yourself love. Ways to love yourself from the inside out. #selfcare

How to Truly Love Yourself

How to truly love yourself. Five steps on how to show yourself love every day of the year. The month of February, at least here in Madison, brings cold weather, but the thought of warm hearts. With love in the air, it’s the perfect time to talk about how to first love yourself. Doesn’t the …