Pumpkin spice sugar cookies are the perfect cut out cookie to make with your kids for Fall or Halloween. Top with cream cheese frosting and M&Ms for decorations.

Pumpkin Spice Sugar Cookies

Pumpkin spice sugar cookies in the shape of pumpkins. Is there anything better? How about when they’re covered in cream cheese frosting and festive M&Ms? That’s better.  Ever since I can remember my mom and I have always baked sugar cookies together for Christmas. You know, those made from scratch, roll and cut out cookies […]

Happy Halloween! These black cats are a healthy, easy and fun treat that are perfect for your next Halloween party. They only require 3 ingredients including crackers, peanut butter and chocolate.

Halloween Black Cat Cracker Sandwiches

These Halloween black cat peanut butter cracker sandwiches are the perfect treat for your Halloween party. They’re healthy, only require 3 ingredients and are super easy to make. {this post contains affiliate links} I like to call these little kitties my ritzy black cats. Mainly because they’re made with Ritz crackers, but also because they’re […]

This sweet pumpkin spice dip recipe is so simple to make. 4 ingredients, 5 minutes to make. This is the perfect Fall party dip.

Sweet Pumpkin Spice Dip

A 4 ingredient sweet, fluffy pumpkin spice dip that has some sort of magical powers to it. {this post contains affiliate links} Earlier this week I shared these cute little gluten free pumpkin spice cookies. And today I’m giving you a little extra with this fluffy sweet pumpkin spice dip. Pumpkin spice all day errday, […]

Gluten free mini pumpkin spice oatmeal cookies are bursting with the traditional flavors of fall. Make this easy recipe in just 20 minutes.

Gluten Free Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal Cookies

{this post contains affiliate links} Mini pumpkin spice oatmeal cookies are gluten free and healthy. They’re also full of all of the flavors of fall you know and love.  I have to admit, I wasn’t really ready for this whole pumpkin spice thing to make its debut. That’s about all I see lately on Instagram, […]

Trail mix energy bites are gluten free, packed with protein, easy to make and are a healthy snack after a long workout.

Trail Mix Energy Bites

{this post contains affiliate links} These little trail mix energy bites are packed with all of the flavors you know and love from trail mix: chocolate, raisins and peanuts. It’s been feeling more like summer than fall these past few weeks here in Madison, Wi. Saturday alone was up close to 90°, and I am […]

This decadent chocolate fudge cake recipe gets a healthy make over. It's super easy to make and so moist and fudgy, it's hard to stop at just one bite.

Decadent Chocolate Fudge Cake

{this post contains affiliate links} {this post contains affiliate links} Would you believe me if I told you that this is the best chocolate dessert you will ever make, and it’s healthy too?! I can feel you giving me the side eye right now like you really don’t believe me. But this decadent chocolate fudge […]

Homemade cinnamon sugar pita bread. Is that anything better than a fresh baked pita that's soft, fluffy and covered it sweet cinnamon sugar?

How to Make Pita Bread

{this post contains affiliate links} I always used to think that making bread (pita, whole grain, sweet, etc.) from scratch was a huge undertaking and not worth my time or effort. That all changed when I received my KitchenAid stand mixer from my mother-in-law and her sisters for my bridal shower. With the dough hook attachment, […]

Bright summer produce gets blended to perfection for a cool, sweet salsa that's sure to be the best appetizer at your next dinner party.

Fresh Fruit Salsa

{this post contains affiliate links} Oh my gosh, talk about fresh, simple and delicious! Any time I think of this fruit salsa, my mouth starts to water. It’s chock full of fresh fruits that get blended with a tiny bit of natural brown sugar blend that helps to pull out the natural sweetness of all […]

Chunky Monkey Protein Bites - A healthier no-bake version of chunky monkey full of good for you fats and lots of protein to sustain energy during your favorite outdoor activities.

Chunky Monkey Protein Bites

{this post contains affiliate links} Calling all chocolate lovers! These chunky monkey protein bites are made for you! I’m not even kidding, the amount of chocolate flavor in these little protein power houses is to die for. Plus all of the added good for you bits and pieces really make these healthy chunky monkey protein […]

Lemon Raspberry No-Bake Cheesecake - Cool, creamy, sweet and tangy, these no-bake cheesecakes are perfect for 4th of July or a summer-time cookout.

Lemon Raspberry No-Bake Cheesecake

My original idea for this recipe spawned from trying to think of more 4th of July inspired recipes I could pass along to all of you sweet treat lovers. But these mini frozen lemon raspberry no-bake cheesecakes are sooo good {and simple} to make that I may be making these on repeat for the rest […]