Must Have Decor for a Successful Cheese Party

Must Have Decor for a Successful Cheese Party

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Have you been to Target lately? Of course you have! Target is one of those magical places that you can just get lost in for hours at a time and come out with everything but what was on your list.

Last week I was in Target and came across their beautiful new collection of home goods called Project 62. It has everything a girl could want, from plush throw pillows to soft, fuzzy blankets, to crazy lamps that you have no idea where to put, but would buy it anyway.

Today I'm sharing some of the best home decor pieces the line has to offer for throwing a successful cheese party. The best part about the list below? It will look like you spent a fortune on fancy cutting boards, knives, glasses, etc., when in actuality, each piece is under $30. What a steal! Check them all out now.

Project 62 - Marble and Wood Cheese Cutting Board

Marble and wood are the perfect combination of elegant and laid back. The rose gold accent on this cheese board is a must have for a successful cheese party.

I mean how gorgeous is this cheese cutting board?! And when you live in Wisconsin, I think it's a necessity to have a beautiful cutting board to display all of your fancy cheeses. Hy-vee is our local grocery store here in the Midwest, and they always have such great selections of cheeses. One of my favorites is goat cheese. It's so soft and creamy and easy to spread on a cracker. Did you know you can also use goat cheese in sweets? This cheeseboard would also be amazing for some baked brie drizzled with honey and surrounded by crackers, apple slices and grapes {mouth watering}.

Project 62 - Cheese Knife Set (4)

Copper cheese knife cutting set is from Target's new project 62 home decor line. You'll definitely want to pick these up to go with your new cheese board for a successful cheese party.

Need a cheese knife set to go with your cheese board? I think so! The copper utensils are modern, elegant and sleek. Your fancy cheese deserves this set.

Project 62 - Marble and Rose Gold Coasters (4 pc)

Place your favorite cocktail on these gorgeous rose gold and marble coasters. Your home will instantly feel fancier.

If you have a cheese board and a cheese knife set, you're obviously having a party...or maybe it's just a party for two, because let's be honest, sometimes you just want all the fancy cheese to yourself. Either way, a beverage of some sort is likely involved with this cheese eating so you need to have some pretty coasters to keep your table looking like new. We're not in college, no drink stain rings allowed.

Project 62 - Double Old-Fashioned Glasses (Rose)

Rose Gold Old Fashioned glasses are from Target's new Project 62 home decor line. These gorgeous glasses are perfect for mixing up your favorite cocktail.

If you are having a beverage with your cheese board, you clearly need some special glasses to serve a classic cocktail {or even a mocktail} in. These glasses are a perfect match to your rose gold coasters. They're fancy, but not too fancy to use on a daily basis. You fancy!

Project 62 - Stoneware Dinner Plates

Project 62 - Target's new home decor line has amazing plates for every day use.
Now it's time for plates. Because even though you're eating cheese and crackers, we still want to show that we're no longer in college and can eat our appetizers on real plates. We've graduated and made our way up the ranks to keeping these gorgeous stoneware plates in our cupboards. Do yourself a favor and get 6, because you never know when a friend will show up for a random cheese eating party.

Project 62 - Rose Gold Silverware Set (5 pc)

Project 62 - Target's new home decor line is full of stunning pieces, like these rose gold forks, knives and spoons. They make a great accompaniment to all the decor for your next cheese party.

And because we're not savages we actually have real silverware on hand. What better way to eat your fancy cheese than with matching rose gold silverware? In sticking with the modern theme, the shape of this silverware will fit right in with your cheese board and coasters.

Project 62 - Earthenware Vase (Blush)

Project 62 - Target's stunning new home decor line. This blush etched vase is perfect for flowers or as a decorative piece in your home.

This medium sized vase is a bit of a bonus item on the list. It's great for those flowers your friends have brought over for you because they just really want to be part of your awesome cheese party!

Now go throw a party!

Make sure to pick up all of these pieces for your next party. Or go check out everything else from the Project 62 line to stock up your home.

And if you're looking for some fancy cheeses to top that new cheese board, make sure to check out this list of Trader Joe's favorites.

New & Only at Target! Project 62 - Modern pieces made for everyday living

Throwing a cheese party? Check out this must have list of decor for throwing a successful cheese party your friends will talk about long after the party has ended.

Check out this list of must have cheese decor to have a super successful cheese party. Bonus! Everything on the list is under $30!

A simple list of your must have cheese decor for hosting an amazing cheese party. Plus each piece is under $30!

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