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Ready to achieve food freedom, build true self-love and unlock a connection to food and body like you’ve never experienced before?

If you’ve been feeling stuck in your diet and want to have a healthier relationship with food and your body, you need to start by being willing to step away from the diet, reading nutrition labels and convincing yourself you need a diet to be healthy. 

If there’s on thing I’ve learned after five years of truly listening to what my body needs, it’s that making the switch from thinking about food 24/7 and overanalyzing what I see in the mirror to having a healthy relationship with food and my body and a positive mindset around both is literally the most freeing feeling in the world. 

I see it time and time again with women who DO the work to start to release the guilt, stress, shame and anxiety they feel around the foods they eat and their reflection in the mirror, the more they feel confident and positive in their food choices and their own skin. 

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That's the power of intuitive eating!
And why I've created Eat for Life Collective. To provide you with a support system so that you can achieve that same food freedom and self-love!

Not only can intuitive eating work for you create improved healthy habits, food freedom and self-love, but it’s the best way to create a sustainable healthy relationship to food and your body that feels good to you.

But real talk? I've been where you're at, and I know what you're struggling with. Just like you, I've felt like despite all of my efforts NOTHING seemed to work.

If you're feeling like:

  • It’s all or nothing for you. If you eat one donut your whole day or week is ruined. Causing you to feel like a failure and stressed around food. 
  • Your emotions get the best of you, leading you to eat to feel happy or cover up what’s really going on. 
  • You hate shopping for new jeans or a bathing suit because you’ve been burned in the past by nothing fitting or not feeling comfortable in your own skin. 
  • You’re overwhelmed by all the information out there on how to be healthy and what healthy should look like. 
  • You’ve been comparing yourself to others on social media who have the “perfect” body and wondering how you can achieve that.
  • You want to know exactly what you should be doing to live a healthy lifestyle right now and for the long haul. 
  • You’re feeling alone, frustrated and fed up and just in an overall rut with your health. 
  • You’ve been told you’re overweight by your doctor and feel like the only way to get healthy is with another diet. 

Intuitive eating is not another diet or weight loss program. It WILL get you results like no other diet or weight loss program has for you before

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I’m going to guide you like no other diet or weight loss program has before. 

Together, I’ll support you to navigate through things like,  learning to listen to what YOUR body needs, understanding the difference between emotional hunger and true hunger, creating an abundance of emotional wellness for yourself and more. So that you can create trust in yourself and your food choices that you can create improved healthy habits that feel fun and enjoyable to you.

If you’re feeling uncertain with your ability to listen to your body, heal your relationship to food and what you see in the mirror, and creating a healthy mindset after spending years on different diets, detoxes or cleanses…don’t worry, that’s what Eat for Life Collective is here for. 

But if questions are popping up like, “if I’m not on a diet, can I actually lose weight with intuitive eating?” Or “What does intuitive eating actually look like?” Or maybe “I’m feeling overwhelmed by making such a big switch, how do I do it?”

You’re not alone in these thoughts. Eat for Life Collective members and myself had these same questions when first making the switch to intuitive eating. 

Know that this is exactly why I created Eat for Life Collective. This is a safe space where you’ll feel supported to take that first step into intuitive eating. So that you can begin to feel confident with what you see in the mirror, to fit into those jeans that have been hiding in the back of your closet. To feel at ease around food at home, out to dinner or on vacation. So that you can feel an overall sense of freedom and joy in your life. 

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Here’s where I say hi!

I’m Danielle, a lover of dessert, mom to one beautiful kiddo (and one on the way) and most importantly a pretty kick a** intuitive eating coach. 

After spending five years on countless diets (mainly Weight Watchers), I said to my husband that I just didn’t think I could count points for the rest of my life. I had heard about this thing called intuitive eating that I thought I’d test drive. Deleting my WW app and going all-in with intuitive eating changed my life in a way I never realized possible!

It’s become my mission to help women who struggle with their weight, feel less than confident in their food choices and body image and are tired of trying the next best diet. So that they can build true self-love, learn to listen to what their body needs and achieve a life of health, love and happiness on their terms. 

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If you're ready to get unstuck, achieve self-love and food freedom, then picture this:

  • Knowing exactly how to listen to your body (no more spending time on diet apps or tracking what you eat)
  • Creating a healthy and sustainable relationship with food and your body
  • Improving your self-worth and creating emotional wellness abundance
  • Getting clear on how to practice intuitive eating and achieving food freedom
  • Learning to stop the emotional eating cycle and trust your intuition around food
  • Removing the guilt, stress and anxiety around food so that you can make choices based on what your body truly needs
  • Understanding what healthy looks like for YOU rather than a diet or program or social media has to say
  • Achieving YOUR perfect body without obsession 
  • Seeing weight loss in a sustainable and healthy way that doesn’t feel overwhelming or restrictive 
  • Loving what you see in the mirror
  • Feeling confident, fulfilled, and happy with who you are from the inside out
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Welcome to:
eat for life collective

Your all-in-one membership hub to help you learn how to listen to your body, provide you with self-understanding and confidence in both your food choices and in front of the mirror. 

It’s not just the “how-to” here. We dig into your mindset around food and body image, one of the biggest pieces missed by traditional dieting, so that you can create a positive mindset that will help you create improved healthy habits on your terms. With Eat for Life Collective, you’ll become the confident woman you always were, but maybe forgot who she was along the way. 

This is your support center. A place where you can come to connect with like-minded women. Women who have struggled with weight and self-acceptance  in the past, but are on a path of self discovery around food, body and emotional wellbeing.  

Why Eat for Life Collective is Different

This membership is different, because I’ve made sure it’s something that will be truly beneficial to you. 

I know what it’s like to struggle with not feeling confident in your own skin, or counting out six crackers because that’s the serving size. Or feeling so fed up, on the brink of tears, but thinking that a diet is the only way to live a healthy life. 

It’s not. 

It’s why Eat for Life Collective exists. To help transform your life from thinking about food 24/7 to being confident in your food choices and looking in the mirror and actually loving what you see. 

The support you receive within the membership is something I’ve prided myself on, and made it a place you can feel comfortable sharing and receiving advice. 

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Piece of Mind Signature Course

Friend (I feel like we’re already friends if you’ve made it here), this intuitive eating course is EXACTLY what you NEED if you’ve been researching how to eat intuitively, but you’re still feeling confused on how to put it into practice. 

After practicing intuitive eating for 5+ years, I’ve found a process for intuitive eating that simply works. 

This 12-step course will take you through the exact steps you need to truly put intuitive eating into action every single day of your life. 

This course is your exact “how-to” eat intuitively. No more Googling. No more feeling confused. 

If you want to go from thinking about food 24/7 and dreading what you see in the mirror to having a true sense of confidence in yourself. That “strut your stuff along the beach and feel like a BA” or “eat the cookie with no regrets” confidence. Then this course (included in your membership) is going to take you there. 

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Which Membership Level is Right for You?

Membership Level - Brownie

You’ve been practicing intuitive eating for a hot second, but you’re looking for more in terms of the “how to” when it comes to the practice and applying it to your own life. 

You want to do the DIY thing with intuitive eating while still receiving some level of support within the group and from Danielle. With access to monthly live trainings that take intuitive eating a step further than the traditional “listen to your body” and the Piece of Mind Signature Course (12-steps to rocking intuitive eating on your terms), you’ll be able to work through the trainings and course at your own pace and apply these learnings to your everyday life on your own time. 

Danielle will be available in the group and forum to help answer questions that may come up during the trainings or as you go through the course to really help you feel solid in your understanding of intuitive eating. 

Membership Level - Cake

You’re fairly new to intuitive eating and are looking for a higher level of support when it comes to your mindset around food and body image. 

You really want someone who understands where you’re at (frustrated, anxious, burnt out) to be able to help unlock achieving food and body freedom (ease, joy, self-confidence) and how to truly integrate intuitive eating into your everyday life, for a lifetime. 

This level of support will offer you the ability to put into practice the trainings and Piece of Mind Signature Course (12-steps to rocking intuitive eating on your terms) while combining it with monthly group coaching sessions to have a safe place to share and receive support around what you believe about food and your body so that you can walk away from each session with an action step to have ease, joy and comfort around food and body.  

Membership Level - Royal Icing

You’ve been on a diet for a very long time and are ready for a huge mindset and physical change. OR, you’re working through your recovery with an eating disorder or disordered eating and need the highest level of support. 

Royal Icing offers you personalized 1:1 monthly support so that you can feel 100% comfortable and confident sharing your mindset and struggles around food and body. This intimate level of support will allow you to create a safe place for making a real difference and mindset shift in the way you feel and behave around food and what you think and believe about what you see in the mirror.

You’ll receive all the other goodies, like the monthly trainings and access to the Piece of Mind Signature Course, but you’ll receive highly customized support to truly uplevel your energy, growth and mindset to create a loving and beautiful relationship with food and your body. 

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Join Eat for Life Collective

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