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How many times have you Googled "best diet of {enter year}?", only to be be bombarded by hundreds of different plans, detoxes and cleanses?

You finally, after hours of reading and researching, land on one that you think will work for you.

You take the time to research what you can and can't eat on the plan. You find recipes on Pinterest and grocery shop for all the acceptable foods.

You stay diligent, never veering off the plan for the first couple of weeks, maybe even the first couple of months.

But then you hit a plateau {in weight loss and consistency in tracking}.

So you think maybe it's time to try a new diet. Or maybe you just have to buckle down, get back on track, and follow the plan to a T.

But then life gets in the way. Family gatherings, vacations, work happy hours. It gets tough, and frustrating when you're not able to truly enjoy time with friends and family because of tracking your food.

You may start to feel like a failure, or that you're not good enough because you can't seem to make it work.

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you've tried everything...now what?

You've reached the point where you feel like you've tried everything. You're tired of being the one constantly tracking your food. Always the one trying some new diet to help you reach your weight loss goals, but never quite getting there.

And still nothing is working.

That's because you're missing a key step.

It's not that:

  • you're not disciplined enough
  • you're weak-willed
  • you're unable to control your cravings
  • you're terrible at staying on track

It's that your past diets have overridden your ability to listen to your own body's needs.

So, it's time to take back your control.

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You want to feel confident in your food choices. To not be afraid of eating certain foods that are "bad". To not obsess over what you're going to eat on your "cheat day".

You need to take back the control.

Taking back that control and stopping your food obsession starts with intuitive eating.

There's no "bad" food, and there's no "cheat day" with intuitive eating. You'll finally have the power and confidence to make your own choices, not the choices of your diet.

And it's all possible with Eat for Life Collective!

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I was right where you are. I spent five years trying Weight Watchers, cleanses, detoxes and all kinds of diets.

I spent so much of my time planning out exactly what I would eat so that it fit into my points for the day. I would never want to go out to eat for fear of going over my points. I was worried I would gain weight if I didn't stick to the plan and track everything.

I thought I had choices, but after five years, I realized these diets were controlling my every move. There seriously had to be a simpler way.

Turns out intuitive eating was that simpler way.

With intuitive eating:

  • I never track, count or weigh my food
  • I never feel guilty for eating pizza, bananas, avocados, burgers with a bun {all the "off-limits" or high calorie foods}
  • I don't worry about a cheat day, eating a good food or bad food; because none of those exist
  • I don't second-guess my food choices
  • I don't feel stress or anxiety around going out to eat, going on vacation, or wanting to eat a brownie in the break room
  • I feel strong, sexy and beautiful in my own skin
  • I'm in the best shape of my life {even post-baby}!

I went from obsessing over food, to being happy and confident in my food choices. All thanks to INTUITIVE EATING.

This has changed my life, and now as a certified nutrition and wellness coach, I'm excited to teach you everything I know!

So that you, too, can finally stop the tracking, lose weight and take back your time, control and confidence.

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eat for life collective

Eat for Life Collective is a membership experience where you'll be given access to my Piece of Mind Signature Program {and much more!}.

This 12-module Signature Program walks you through, step-by-step, all you need to know about going from tracking everything you eat {think 'you bite it, you write it'} to a life of complete food freedom {think eating based on your cravings, hunger and fullness cues}.

the signature program

helps you:

  • finally stop tracking food for good and have consistent and lasting weight loss
  • finally be able to trust yourself around all foods, even those that were once "off-limits"
  • feel much less stressed or anxious about your food choices
  • stop fearing foods that you once thought were "bad" for you
  • eat foods like pizza, burgers {with the bun}, nuts, avocados and more without guilt
  • never need another cheat day {because you can eat what you want when you want}
  • completely change your mindset around food, body and mind
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