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Ready to create healthy habits that fit your personality without any crazy restrictions, enjoy food without guilt and just feel damn good about what you see in the mirror?

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Isn’t it crazy how wearing your favorite pair of jeans can make you feel on top of the world, but that the majority of the time you feel less than stellar in your own skin?

That your life has been defined by how many calories you consume or the number on the inside of those jeans or on the scale.

What if you were able to release all of that stress and anxiety that comes with shopping for a swim suit or what you’ll wear to your best friend’s wedding, or how to consume fewer calories throughout the day?

I know what it’s like to struggle with not feeling confident in your own skin, or counting out six crackers because that’s the serving size.

Or feeling so fed up, on the brink of tears, but thinking that a diet is the only way to live a healthy life.

Or that something is wrong with you and if you maybe just had a better plan and tried harder this time it would FINALLY work out.

If you’ve:
– Tried every fad diet
– Signed up for WW, Noom or MyFitnessPal 27 times
– Took the protein powder, weight loss pills, appetite suppressants
– Gotten on and off the wagon five billion times

And you're STILL struggling and wondering if ANYTHING will EVER work, this is absolutely your place to be.

You want to know what you’ve REALLY been missing when it comes to creating healthy habits that stick?

Lack of support, guidance and accountability.

It’s why every diet, meal plan or fitness plan feels so dang hard, and quite honestly overwhelming and time consuming.

When I first started WW, over 10 years ago, there was no app. Just some books and a slider tool I took everywhere to determine points.

When WW felt like it was no longer working, I switched to a cleanse. Again, no support, confusing restrictions that were too difficult to stick to on a regular basis.

Then on to MyFitnessPal. Surely that will work, right? Nope…too confusing and no guidance.

So back to WW it was. It worked in the past, but I fell back into old habits of obsessing and being consumed by my diet. I constantly felt like a failure for not sticking to the plan 100%. Without any support (and honestly someone to help me dig out of feelings of guilt and failure around food and my body), I just kept circling around new diets and weight loss apps.

5+ years ago I decided to make a change and get rid of the apps all together. I started reading books, articles, any information I could get my hands on to help change my mindset around food and body.

And when I did, I finally felt alive, confident, gained more energy, put on jeans I hadn’t worn in forever, and honestly just felt a whole lot happier.

That's the power of being willing to step away from what hasn't worked (and continues to not work) into trying something new that works for YOU!

Everything YOU need to stop thinking about food 24/7 and struggling to find balance in your health to being confident in your food choices and looking in the mirror and actually liking (and eventually loving) what you see.

This is an intimate program (truly intimate…not like 15 people on a call) for you as a busy woman and/or mama who’s tired of trying everything and nothing working, feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information out there on how to be healthy and is unhappy with what you see in the mirror because that’s not the version of yourself you wish to see.

Here’s the real deal

I spent 5 years of doing the work so that I can support you and teach you the nine principles to feeling more alive, confident, energized and happier. Oh, and slide into those jeans that have been hiding in your closet and feel sexy as hell.

I don’t want you to waste another five years of your life trying to do the work on your own, trying yet another diet or that new supplement your best friend’s neighbor had success with. 

Because guess what?

None of those things are helping you solve for the real problem…and why everything you’ve tried in the past continues to feel really hard and like yet another thing you’ve failed at.

This is where you don't give up

I want to show you the exact nine principles you need to be able to stop thinking about food 24/7, stop having an all-or-nothing mentality around food, and stop feeling overwhelmed by all the nutrition information out there so that you can learn how to create ease and balance around food, trust what your body needs and finally squash self-doubt, gain a ‘strut-your-stuff’ confidence and become the version of yourself you wish to see.

The support you receive in this mastermind is unlike any other out there. 

Because I know it’s truly been the missing piece for you when it comes to creating a pathway to health that works and honestly just feels damn good for YOU. 

It’s a place where you can feel safe, supported and guided to build positive and lasting change in creating healthy balance in all areas of your life, not just food and body.

This is not another one-size-fits-all health plan, meal plan or fitness plan. 

This mastermind was built with you in mind so that you know exactly what to do for YOU to be able to:

– eat whatever makes you happy without any feelings of guilty or regret.

– nourish your body from the inside out.

– create a consistent positive dialogue with yourself. 

– stand in front of the mirror and say “I like how I look” or even “wow I look hot”.

and so much more!

Get ready for 12 amazing weeks together!

You’ll be guided through my Food, Body, Balance process where you’ll learn everything you need to create a system that works for you to set yourself up for success in creating lasting healthy habits in a way that fits your personality and feels easy and so freaking good! 

What You'll Get

12 weeks of consistent support and guidance from me to walk through the Food, Body, Balance principles and process

Nine value-packed videos to learn the principles for creating healthy habits that stick and finally work for you

Meal planning ideas and templates, workout ideas, mindfulness practices and more to help you create your own authentic wellness plan that fits your lifestyle

Coaching around your specific health goals and finding the missing pieces to why it hasn’t worked in the past

9 group calls to get support, answer questions and create a solid healthy mindset around food and body

Nine workbooks accompanying the videos to help you put everything you’ve learned into practice and ensure it works for you this time

Private Facebook community with like-minded women who are ready to create consistent healthy habits in their life that work for them

Daily access to me to ask questions, create a solid mindset practice and a system that will finally work for you to make health feel easy every single day

Mastermind Breakdown

Ditching the Diet

  • How to begin stepping away from the diet mindset and into the abundance mindset of intuitive eating
  • Become comfortable with not tracking, measuring or weighing your food
  • Recognizing and reframing old thoughts around what healthy food and lifestyle must look like

Food Fundamentals

  • Hone in on the portion sizes that are right for YOU and gain a deeper understanding of your hunger and fullness cues
  •  Develop healthy habits on your terms
  • Create easy weekly meal plans you and your family will love and learn to shop the grocery store in half the time

Their Highlight Reel to your Real

  • Learn how to stop comparing your body to someone else’s highlight reel
  • The secrets to squashing your self doubt and creating an unshakable belief in yourself 
  • How to combat negative body image and begin to love the woman you see in the mirror

No more eating your emotions

  • Learn how to stop the emotional eating cycle
  • The difference between emotional eating and finally eating the foods you love
  • How to become comfortable with having your trigger foods in the house and how to remove those triggers

Beautifully Balanced

  • Discover what it means to become wealthy in time and energy to create positive and lasting success in your life
  • How to look at the big picture of your life and find balance amongst all the important areas
  • How to give up the “busy” badge and focus on the pursuit of rest and balance

Building Your Trust

  • Get clear on how to listen to your body’s needs to create lasting healthy habits on your terms
  • Begin to create a healthy and positive relationship with food to make food finally feel easy
  • Eliminate guilt and stress around food so you can choose foods based on your needs and eat the foods you love 

Your Body isn’t the Enemy

  • Discover the one true place you need to start from to achieve YOUR ideal weight
  • Why you no longer need to spend hours in the gym trying to make up for what you ate the day before
  • Design a workout that works for you (and actually feels good)

Beyond Self Care Sunday

  • Begin to honor your body’s needs, not just on Sundays, but each and every day
  • Mindfulness matters – how to show up for yourself every single day and be the champion of your own life
  • The secrets to  looking in the mirror and liking what you see, regardless of what society makes you feel you ‘should’ look like

Beyond the home

  • Learn how to make going out to dinner feel exciting and enjoyable
  • Discover the best ways to go on vacation and not worry about food before or after 
  • Weddings, work events, family BBQ’s and more: how to eat the foods you love without guilt or stress

Does this sound like your place to be?

of course it is!

Let’s just put it out there. If you’ve been reading this and getting all the feels and thinking to yourself, this is what I need, then being part of this intimate mastermind is exactly what you need.

Usually the thing that we find to be the scariest is actually the thing we need the most in our lives.

Investing in your health is not selfish.

It’s actually showing yourself that you truly care and that making a change from thinking about food 24/7 or worrying about what the scale says to finding ease around food and feeling confident, fulfilled, and happy with who you are from the inside out is the best thing you could possibly do for your health.

By keeping this mastermind small and intimate (I’m talking five like-minded women intimate), it helps ensure each and every one of you receives the exact support you need to create more time, energy, motivation and balance in your health and wellness. 

If you’re feeling that tug that’s saying “I think this could work for me” then the best thing you can do is book in a time to chat below to apply to find out if this is a good fit!

Okay Danielle, you've got me feeling all the feels... what's the investment?

Here’s the super exciting news…I’m offering a scholarship into the mastermind which will afford you HALF OFF the program. 

So for three entire months of support with me and your beautiful mastermind sisters, all the know-how and support you need to stop thinking about food 24/7 and create healthy balance in your life and my exact strategy that’s enabled me to build a healthy relationship with food, love my body (even after two babies) and be able to feel more alive, confident, energized and happier…

The Investment Is:

$1,500 pay in full or 3 monthly payments of $550

Book in a time to chat about the mastermind and secure HALF OFF the program before July 30, 2021

When you book a call you’re simply registering your interest in learning more about how this 12 week intimate group coaching program is going to be the game changer to finally eating the foods you love without guilt and wearing your favorite jeans, swim suit or dress with immense confidence. 

The Mastermind Starts July 30, 2021

Book in your call before the doors close on July 30th to join us!