The Exclusive Piece of Mind Course that will teach you everything you need to know to achieve true food freedom through intuitive eating!

Since each module builds on one another, you'll receive a new module every two weeks.

This will ensure you have time to watch the video and implement each module.

Make sure to download and use the workbooks for each module as well.

*At the time these videos were recorded, the course was going to be done one week at a time.

After thinking through the content more, I thought it was best to have at least one week of implementation for each module. Hence the next module will become available to you every two weeks.

The original content was also recorded with the idea that there would be one-on-one coaching worked in. So you'll hear me reference this in the video.

If you have monthly group coaching, you'll still receive that group coaching.

Come back to this part of your dashboard to access the next module.

I'm soo freaking excited for you to dive into the first module and the rest of this course over the next few months!

You get access to Module 1 right away. Just click the link below to access Module 1 today.