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Obsessed with food?

Are you obsessed with tracking your calories, counting your macros or entering all the food you eat into a certain app?

Spending hours inputting recipes to get calorie counts. Not eating certain foods because they didn't fit into your calories, macros, points or diet plan for the day?

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Do you workout extra hard if you ate off your plan the day before? Or maybe restrict the foods you can eat the next day? Saying to yourself, "I'll be better tomorrow. I'll only eat salads to make up for that brownie I ate last night."

Maybe you don't feel like you're currently obsessed with food, but have you ever done this:

  • Worked in eating ice cream after dinner, or going out to eat with friends/family
  • Calculated all the foods you could eat for the next day and could only stick to that plan
  • Felt anxious about eating foods that were off the plan, high in calories or "bad" for you
  • Felt disappointed in yourself if you didn't stick to your plan 100%
  • Justified to yourself or others why you were eating certain foods
  • Said, "my diet starts tomorrow"

Food obsession is real, and a real problem.

Thankfully there's an easier, much less complicated way to combat this food obsession.

How to stop the food obsession

Whether you've tried Paleo, Keto, Weight Watchers, Atkins, counting calories or macros, Flexitarian {you get the point}. In their own way, these diets have made you obsess over food.

They have overridden your intuition and what your body needs and craves. It's time to take back that control. To feel confident in your food choices. To not be afraid of eating certain foods that are "bad" or having a "cheat day".

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There's also a lot of feelings the diet culture has instilled in us. Like, if I'm not counting, I can't lose weight. Or, I can only eat a certain amount of carbs to maintain my weight. Or keto, paleo, Whole 30, or any of the billions of other diets out there, are right and I'm wrong.

But guess what, you're not wrong! Your body is not wrong!

Taking back that control and stopping your food obsession starts with intuitive eating.

There's no "bad" food, and there's no "cheat day" with intuitive eating. You'll finally have the power to make your own choices, not the choices of your diet.

It's all possible with Piece of Mind Squad!

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Intuitive Eating Coach| Danielle Burken

I was right where you are. I spent five years trying Weight Watchers, cleanses, detoxes and all kinds of diets.

I spent so much of my time planning out exactly what I would eat so that it fit into my points for the day. I would never want to eat out for fear of going over my points. Or not being able to lose weight because I didn't stick to the plan.

I thought I had choices, but after five years, I realized these diets were controlling my every move. There seriously had to be a simpler way.

Turns out intuitive eating was that simpler way.

With intuitive eating I:

  • Never track, count or weigh my food
  • Never feel guilty for eating pizza, cake, cookies, burgers {all the "off-limits food"}
  • Don't worry about a cheat day, eating a good food or bad food, because none of those exist
  • Don't second guess my food choices
  • Don't feel stress or anxiety around going out to eat, going on vacation, or wanting to eat a brownie in the break room
  • Got in the best shape of my life!
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And I went from obsessing over food, to being happy and confident in my food choices. All thanks to INTUITIVE EATING.

This has changed my life, and now as a certified nutrition and wellness coach, I am on a mission to teach you everything I know. So that you, too, can finally ditch your diet and still lose weight!

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Take charge of your life with Piece of Mind Squad

If you've been feeling like there's an easier way to live a life full of health and happiness without having to count calories, macros, points or following a specific diet for the rest of your life, then Piece of Mind Squad is it!

Each month we'll dive deep into what it means to eat intuitively. To give up dieting for good and connect with your body and mind. Finally be able to trust yourself around all food, even those that were once "off-limits."

Each monthly challenge covers a different aspect of intuitive eating, and how it all works together. This will help you reach a place of abundance in food, body and mind.

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Create trust in yourself by joining Piece of Mind Squad Today!

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Is Piece of Mind Squad Right for You?

You want to make a change, but you're afraid. Afraid that all the hard work you put into trying a different diet and way to lose weight will all go away once you start to eat intuitively. Right?

This was me too. I know exactly how you're feeling!

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So if you're worried about diving in head first and want some reassurance, book a free call with me.

We'll go over all your questions or reservations about the membership and see if it makes sense for us to work together, whether that's one on one or in a group setting.

Just click the button below to schedule your 15 minute call today!

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