woman standing with her hand on her hip: Life Re-treat podcast

Welcome to the Life Re-Treat Podcast

This podcast is dedicated to helping busy women and mothers learn how to treat themselves with love, compassion and grace. I’ll share tips and tricks on everything from self care, holistic health, wellness, motherhood and more.

This show is your reminder that you’re not alone and through all the seasons of your life, this podcast is here to help encourage, support and champion you.

Recent Episodes

  • 008: Navigating Infertility and the IVF Process
    Infertility affects 10% of women in the US population, yet so many are afraid to speak out about it. They feel like it’s somehow their fault for being infertile and needing to turn to IVF as a way to get pregnant.  I’m here to break that stigma and share our story and journey through the …
  • 007: Can you be body positive and still want to lose weight?
    Are you a body positive warrior? Can you be one and, at the same time, also want to lose weight? What makes someone body positive and how do you cultivate body positivity within yourself when you’re feeling less than stellar in your own skin and are looking to lose weight? It’s a topic I’m taking …
  • 006: Why Weight Watchers isn’t all it’s cracked up to be
    If you’ve been considering joining Weight Watchers (WW), or maybe you’ve been on it for years, this episode is going to be one to hear my take on why WW isn’t what you might think it is. After 5+ years on Weight Watchers, I like to think I know a thing or two about this …