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Single slice of Oreo pudding brownie with other brownies behind it

Oreo Pudding Brownies

Oreo pudding brownie is a chewy brownie layered with cheesecake filling and topped with Oreo pudding. An over-the-top brownie everyone is sure to love. Today is my birthday! And what better way to celebrate than with these Oreo pudding brownies? I first made this dessert back in February, two weeks after Kennedy was born. The …

Healthier caramel brownie cupcakes are an easy, from scratch recipe that is dense and chewy, with ooey-gooey caramel. #healthydessert #caramelbrownies

Healthier Caramel Brownie Cupcakes

Healthier caramel brownie cupcakes are dense and chocolate-y, and house a little surprise inside, caramel! Store bought caramels make for a quick filling. This is a brownie cupcake family and friends won’t be able to get enough of.  For those of you who use Facebook on a daily basis, even just to scroll through for …

Dark Chocolate Chunk Healthy Brownies - These healthy brownies are so decadent and made with a special ingredient...the mighty black bean!

Dark Chocolate Chunk Healthy Brownies

{this post contains affiliate links} Dark chocolate chunk brownies that are actually healthy, how can that be possible you say? Enter the mighty black bean! You say, “yeah, yeah Danielle, I’ve already seen that before” and to that I respond, have you ever seen black bean brownies using instant coffee to enhance your chocolate flavor? …