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creating a healthy weight loss plan: a family sitting in a kitchen making a pizza

How to Build a Healthy Weight Loss Plan

New year, new you, right? You’re starting out this brand new year with the best of intentions. Setting goals to help you achieve your desired weight loss. Vowing to yourself that this year will be different. You’ll definitely stick to your diet and exercise routine, surely making it past the first month when everyone else …

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Piece of Cake 031

Well, it’s finally the last day of 2020. Some of us may be feeling ecstatic that this year is finally over. That there’s hope for 2021 to look and feel different. And while this fresh start will hopefully be what we all need, there was honestly a lot of goodness that happened in the Burken …

large smoothie bowl surrounded by fresh fruit

What does an Intuitive Eating Coach Do?

You may have been wondering, what exactly does an intuitive eating coach do? Why would I need an intuitive eating coach? What exactly does intuitive eating mean, and should I be practicing it in my daily life? These are all super great questions! As an intuitive eating {or mindful eating} coach, there are three key …